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[fic] - Carpe Donum 2/2

Title: Carpe Donum
Author: Ceindreadh
Characters/Pairing: Mac, Don, Mac/Don
Rating: M
Summary: A pair of tight jeans makes Mac see Don in a whole new light. But will he seize the opportunity that’s presented itself. And will Don feel the same way?
Notes: Set roughly early season 8 timewise, but no specific spoilers.

Part 1

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the CSI NY characters, I'm only borrowing them, and I promise to return them in minty fresh condition when I'm finished.

It wasn’t until Mac had turned back around to the diner that he saw Don, leaning up against the wall.

Don had zipped the hoodie up almost to his neck, his hands were in his pockets, and his entire stance was that of a man on the defensive.

“Is everything okay, Don?” asked Mac, as he stood in front of his friend.

Don shrugged, “Yeah, fine. Listen, thanks for the meal and all that, but it’s getting late…” His voice trailed off.

“It’s not that late,” said Mac, uncertainly. “We’ve still got time for a drink.”

Don eyed him suspiciously, “You want to head to a bar?”

“Actually, I thought you might invite me back to yours…for a nightcap?” Mac held Don’s gaze.

Don bit his lip, wondering if he’d misread the situation again. Finally, he decided that it was time to lay all his cards on the table. One way or another, he wanted things out in the open. “I think that if you and me go somewhere less public, some things are gonna happen that ain’t necessarily going to involve drinking. And I need to know if you’re okay with those things happening.” He straightened up, somewhat more hopeful about the possible outcome of the evening. “Because if you’re not interested in that way… well that’s okay. I had a good meal and a good time with a good friend. And we’ll still be good friends tomorrow.” He took a deep breath before continuing, “But I saw the way you were looking at me earlier, and one thing I’ve learned over the past few years is that life’s too short to play games. And if an opportunity presents itself, you gotta step up and take it.”

Mac could see the hint of sadness in Don’s eyes, a sadness that he knew was frequently reflected in his own. “So, if we take this ‘opportunity’ tonight…what happens tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow is a new day. Maybe you'll have satisfied your curiosity…maybe you’ll want to explore a little more…either way, it don’t change nothing about us being friends.” He took a deep breath before continuing, “So, would you like to come back to my place…for a nightcap?”

“Yes,” said Mac and he saw Don’s face light up like the sun.


Ten minutes later they were standing outside the door to Don’s apartment.
They’d travelled in silence for the most part, everything important that they’d needed to say had been said outside the diner. The usual sounds of the city at night, the noise of the cars and sirens had seemed diminished somehow as Mac and Don had moved purposefully through the streets. To Mac, it had reminded him of heading out on mission in the marines. That single minded focus on their objective. The way every man moved in sync with their platoon. But for now, the platoon consisted of just Mac and Don, both men aware of the other beside them, both men thinking ahead to their destination and what would happen when they reached it.

Mac was thinking about Don’s earlier words. He didn’t know whether he was simply going to satisfy a desire he hadn’t known existed in his mind before he’d seen Don in those jeans, or if this was going to be the start of something more. But he was determined that either way, he wasn’t going to let it affect their friendship. He glanced over at Don as they walked, wondering what he was thinking.

Don on the other hand was thinking about the state of his apartment and said a silent prayer of thanks that he’d changed his sheets only a day or so earlier. He was reasonably certain that he’d emptied the trash recently enough for it not to be an issue. Don mentally shrugged. Mac Taylor wasn’t there for any kind of forensic examination. If there was a bit too much dust around the place for his liking, well, Don was sure Mac would be too polite a guest to mention it. And besides, Don smiled to himself, if Mac did have an issue with it, Don was sure he could find a duster or two kicking around for him to use. Clothing optional of course.

Seconds later, they were inside the apartment and Don carefully locked the door before turning to Mac.
Mac took a step towards Don, only for Don’s hand on his chest to stop him in his tracks. “We gotta secure things properly first,” said Don, reaching for his gun. “Come on.” Mac followed Don to the front closet and watched as he placed his service weapon and badge on the top shelf, before retrieving his backup piece and laying it down beside them.

Mac took his gun and badge but instead of placing them on the shelf, he handed them to Don to secure them.

“Just one thing,” said Don, his face serious, “We get called out of here in a hurry…just make sure you grab the right stuff! Don’t want you flashing my badge at a crime scene!” He started to close the door and then asked, “That everything? You’re not carrying any, ‘concealed weapons’ in there?” His voice had switched from serious to seductive as he deliberately dropped his gaze to Mac’s crotch.

“Why don’t you get in here and find out?” Mac hoped that his voice was equally seductive.

“Oh Mac Taylor,” said Don, a wide grin on his face, “You are probably the smartest guy I know, but seriously, you have no game whatsoever!”

Mac might have taken offence, but Don’s smile was contagious, “In my defense, it has been a while since I’ve needed any ‘game’,” he retorted.

“Well, I’ve been reliably informed that it’s just like riding a bike.”

“I’d rather ride you.”

“Slightly better but still room for improvement,” Don pouted, “But you know what they say…talk is cheap.” He took a step towards Mac, reaching out with his right hand and brushing his thumb against Mac’s lips.

Mac let his lips part slightly allowing his tongue to flick the tip of Don’s thumb and sucking gently for a few seconds before it was pulled away. “There’s still no ketchup there,” said Mac.

“I think I need to check properly.” Don’s right hand slid around the back of Mac’s head, holding it in place as he leaned in and brushed his lips against Mac’s. Don’s other hand was on Mac’s chest pushing him back up against the wall even as his tongue parted Mac’s lips.

Mac could feel his arousal growing as Don continued kissing him. He didn’t know how long they stood there until Don pulled away slightly. Somewhere along the way Mac had wrapped his arms around Don’s waist, holding him close. Now he relaxed them somewhat, bringing his right hand up to cup Don’s cheek, stroking it gently. Mac touched a slightly rough patch with his thumb and returned to it, only to stop when he heard Don gasp.

“Does that hurt?” Mac was ready to pull his hand away.

“No,” said Don, eyes half closed and his voice a little huskier than normal. “It’s just more sensitive than the rest of the skin…but in a good way.”

“And are there other areas of your skin that are more…sensitive?” Mac continued to caress Don’s cheek, eliciting a small moan of pleasure.

“Why don’t you get in here and find out.” Don looked Mac straight in the eye and they both laughed.

“Now who’s got no game,” Mac leaned in and brushed his lips against Don’s.

“Well, I don’t know about game, but I do have a nice comfy bed.” A little reluctantly, Don pulled away. Mac’s arm was still around his waist as they made their way the few short steps to the bedroom.

To Don’s relief, the room, while not exactly in pristine condition, was still fit for company. He parted from Mac long enough to go and pull the drapes closed. “Don’t want to share you with any nosy neighbors,” he grinned as he quickly rejoined Mac. “Now, where were we…oh yeah.” With a quick movement, he pushed Mac back up against the wall and kissed him. Keeping one hand behind Mac’s head to hold him in place, Don reached down with the other and fumbled with Mac’s belt buckle, but he was all thumbs and groaned with frustration as he couldn’t manage to open it one handed.

“It’ll be quicker if I do it,” said Mac, reaching down and brushing Don’s hand away.

“Who needs quick,” said Don. Stepping back, he tugged on Mac’s jacket, with the intention of pulling him over to the bed where he could take his time stripping and exploring the other man. But somewhere along the way, Mac must have pulled a crazy Marine move on him because next thing Don knew, he was flat on his back on the bed with Mac astride him. Don’s hoodie was pulled over his head and thrown to one side, followed by Mac’s jacket and between them they made short work of the rest of their clothing. “Or quick is good,” said Don as Mac leaned in and kissed him again.

But now that Mac had Don exactly where he wanted him, he decided that he wanted to make the moment last. One hand on Don’s face, holding him in place for the kiss, the other roamed over Don’s body, stroking and caressing. Mac’s hand made it as far as the scars on Don’s abdomen and he traced their outlines, pulling his mouth away from Don’s long enough to say, “Tell me if this is too sensitive.” He applied a little more pressure and was rewarded with a gasp of pleasure from Don.

“Trust me,” gasped Don, “If it hurts, I’ll let you know!” His hands were making their own exploration of Mac’s body, tracing the lines that he’d only ever seen hidden beneath clothing and making the older man shiver with as much pleasure as Don was feeling. Hands and mouths and lips were all put to good use as they explored each other’s bodies, reveling in each new discovery.

Don cried out in delight as Mac’s tongue swept a pattern down his chest. Mac moaned softly as Don’s fingers teased their way round his cock. A kiss on the collarbone, a touch on the ass, so many places to lick and suck and caress, it felt like an infinity wouldn’t be enough to discover them all.

Mac tried to slow things down, knowing that this opportunity might not arise again, but body parts were rising and overruling the rational part of his brain.
Don on the other hand seemed to be seizing the opportunity and anything else that came to hand.

But all too soon neither man could hold back any longer and Mac collapsed limply against Don who was gasping beneath him. He roused himself enough to look into Don’s glazed eyes, “How’s my game now, Don?” asked Mac, his voice almost hoarse.

“Definite improvement,” said Don. “Told you it was like riding a bike!”


Hours later, Mac propped himself up on one elbow in the bed and watched Don sleep.

After they’d cleaned themselves off, Mac had made a half-hearted effort to leave, citing the late hour. Don had pointed out that the lateness of the hour was a good reason to not leave.
Mac hadn’t really needed much convincing and had willingly accepted the spare toothbrush and t-shirt that Don had offered. He had slept fitfully for a few hours, but now as sleep refused to return, Mac was half wishing that he had indeed left earlier.
At least if he’d been at home, he could have dealt with his insomnia in his own way. But in somebody else’s home, somebody else’s bed, all he could do was wait it out and hope that he could get some more rest before morning.

Of course, it wasn’t the first time that Mac had sat and watched Don sleep. That first night in the hospital, he’d sat in vigil by his friend’s bed. Mac had known that Don was in good hands, that the medical personnel were keeping a watchful eye on him, he’d known that his presence or absence would make no difference whatsoever to Don’s survival. But in those dark hours when Don’s survival had not been guaranteed but was merely a matter of ‘cautious optimism’, Mac had stayed by his side, knowing that if the worst came to the worst, perhaps the only thing he would have been able to do for Don would be to ensure that he wouldn’t have to die alone with only strangers for company.

As Mac watched, Don shifted restlessly in the bed, moving from his back onto his left side until he was facing Mac.
“This reminds me of Trinity,” Don’s voice was half muffled by bedclothes, but it still made Mac jump slightly. He opened his mouth to say something, but then realized that Don was probably just talking in his sleep.
A few seconds passed before Don continued, “You sitting there, watching me sleep.”

Mac was confused as he looked at Don. There was enough light coming through the drapes for him to see Don’s eyes open and try to focus on him. “I thought…” Mac hesitated briefly before continuing, “I didn’t think you remembered anything from the critical care ward.” Mac had spent more than one night in vigil, until the worst of the danger had passed, and the optimism about Don’s survival had been a lot less cautious.

Don shrugged, “Bits and pieces.” He yawned, “Was doped up pretty good…but what I remember…member most, was you…there, watching me…watching over me.” He fell silent for a few seconds before continuing, “And I knew…I knew that if the grim reaper was coming for me, that he’d have a fight on his hands if he showed up while you were there.” Don’s hand reached out and fumbled at Mac’s hand, squeezing it gently. “Knew I had a lifeline…just had to hold…hold onto it…”

“Go back to sleep, Don,” said Mac. “I’ll still be here in the morning.”

“Still sitting up like that?” Don pulled at Mac’s hand. “You’ll never get to sleep that way. Lie down…more comfortable...”

“It won’t help,” said Mac, but he allowed himself to be pulled down to the mattress and made no objection as Don, still seeming only half awake, maneuvered them both until they were lying spoon fashion. Mac could feel Don’s breath hot against the back his neck, their right hands clasped and held against Mac’s chest.

“Hold onto the lifeline, Mac,” Don mumbled against Mac’s skin. “Sleep better with something to hold onto.”
Mac wasn’t sure which of them Don was talking about. He didn’t think it would help much, but there was something about the gentle rhythm of Don’s respiration that was soothing to his mind. Mac closed his eyes and let himself relax.
By the time the room had started brightening up in the dawn light, Mac had managed to get a few hours rest. He wasn’t sure how much actual sleep he’d gotten, but he had at least been able to relax somewhat, and he was certainly feeling less tired than he had been a few hours earlier.

Don’s embrace of Mac had loosened somewhat during the night, but Mac still took care not to disturb Don as he carefully disentangled himself. He slid out of the bed and made his way to the bathroom.

Upon his return, Mac tried to replace himself in the bed without waking Don, but the dip of the mattress was enough to rouse the younger man. Don’s eyes flickered open, and he stared blearily at Mac. “Time to get up already?” he mumbled sleepily.

“Not quite,” said Mac still sitting up in the bed, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“It’s okay,” said Don. He shifted slightly on the bed, and then grunted in pain.

“Don?” Mac watched as Don rolled onto his back, one hand clasped to his left side. “What’s wrong.”

“Cramps,” said Don, through gritted teeth. “They’ll ease up in a bit.” He rubbed his abdomen, grimacing slightly as he did so.
“Let me,” said Mac, instinctively reaching out. He placed his hand just below Don’s, gently massaging the tensed muscles. There was a hiss from Don, but more in pleasure than pain, and after a few minutes, Mac could feel the muscles relax beneath his fingers. “Better?” asked Mac, leaving his hand in place.

“Yeah,” said Don, “Thanks.”

Mac looked down at him with concern, “Does that happen often?”

Don shook his head, “Nah, just sometimes, if I sleep on my left side for too long.”

“You should have changed position.”

“Didn’t want to disturb you. Anyway, I was fine…until I wasn’t. It happens Mac.” Don put his hand over Mac’s and squeezed it. “Sometimes it gets bad for a bit, and then…it gets better. I’ve learned to live with it.”

“Well next time, don’t worry about disturbing me.” Mac felt Don tense up.

“You want there to be a next time?” Don tried to keep his voice neutral but couldn’t hide the tiny spark of hope he was feeling at the prospect of Mac being interested enough to come back for a second go round.

“Don’t you?” Mac was hesitant, not wanting his own desire for a ‘next time’ to influence Don if the other man didn’t share his interest. And Mac was interested. He’d enjoyed the previous night more than he’d thought possible. It hadn’t just been the sex, although that had certainly been most enjoyable, but the meal, the conversation, even the sense of companionship on their walk back to the apartment. Mac knew that he wanted to repeat the whole experience.

In response, Don reached up and pulled Mac down until he was close enough to kiss him on the mouth, parting Mac's lips with his tongue and pressing so close that for a minute or more it was if they were a single entity.

“I’ll take that as yes, then,” said Mac when they finally pulled apart. “We’ll talk properly in the morning. But for now, let’s sleep.”
And they did.

The end

[notes, I wanted the name to mean ‘seize the Don’, but it turns out that donum means gift, which fits quite well]

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